We provide care and personal development opportunities for our young people, who live in small-group residences.

The work of our key teams is guided by the needs of the young person; our school improvement plan, self-assessment, quality assurance, on­going inspections and national developments.

The collaborative work of our teams illustrates our whole-school approach to the care and education of our young people.

The primary focus is our individualised care for our young people, utilising the skills of the staff teams and the resources of the school. Our staff group is permanent, highly trained, creative and innovative in it’s work.

Our young people play a role in setting and reviewing their plans.  

Each young person is provided with a key worker prior to admission, who will case manage their placement, linking with families and external professionals, to ensure all aspects of their life are supported.

Each house is supported by a houseparent who retains an overview of all practical and health needs in a young person's life, and ensures the highest standards of care.

The care team engages in an ongoing process of daily assessment to ensure the placement is progressive, safe and supports development through the different stages of childhood and adolescence. 

The planning, assessment and review of a young person’s care placement is supported by our management information system which provides a clear, task-centred approach to all aspects of supporting a young person's development.

This approach ensures that the key areas for development are clearly identified and that success criteria are agreed, allowing young people and their care staff to have a clearly defined way forward. Central to the care of each young person is ensuring they remain central to setting and reviewing their plans.

Care Inspection Report