Providing a socially inclusive educational environment

At school young people receive a full curriculum similar to mainstream schools in a socially inclusive and supportive educational environment which includes learning, social, emotional and mental health support. Classes are small with high staff to young person ratios to ensure that each young person receives personal support tailored specifically to their individual needs.

Helping young people achieve their goals

Our care service helps young people to believe they can achieve their goals and realise their hopes through working constructively with all the adults involved in their life. We make this happen by helping our young people access the available human and physical resources, learn new skills and knowledge and appreciate that through working together, they can make change in their life and positively influence their future.

students for successful futures!

As well as achieving academically young people develop social competency, emotional resilience, and coping skills which will help them make the transition to college, training, and the world of work and independence. They do this through a range of traditional taught subjects and other alternative creative learning experiences such as film making, fishing and climbing.

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We have vacancies for 52 week placements and may consider a 38 week placement or day pupil on request.