Providing a Socially Inclusive Educational Environment

Our young people access the full curriculum in an inclusive and supportive educational environment. Class groups are typically 2 - 5 young people to ensure that each young person has access to personal support tailored to their individual needs.

Helping Young People Achieve Their Goals

Our care staff work with our young people to help them to achieve their goals and realise their ambitions through working constructively with all the people involved in their life. We make this happen by helping our young people access the available human and physical resources, learn new skills and knowledge and appreciate that through working together, they can make changes in their life and positively influence their future.

students for successful futures!

As well as achieving academically, our young people develop social competencies, resilience, and coping skills which help them to make the transition to college, training, and the world of work and independence. They achieve this through a range of academic subjects, active and outdoor learning experiences.


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