Young people in P4-S2 access a full curriculum, beginning with a Broad General Education and then moving through the Senior Phase (at Hillside School this is from S3 onwards), where they can complete units and courses at SQA National 2, 3, 4, 5 and Higher level. We also offer wider achievement and ASDAN courses.

As well as attaining and achieving academi­cally, our young people develop social competencies, resilience, and skills which will help them make a successful transition to further education, training, and work. Young people study a range of subjects across the ten main curricular areas (Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Expressive Arts, ICT, Woodwork, Personal and Social Education, Religious Studies, Physical Education, and Social Studies) and access wider achievement opportunities, such as: media studies, cookery, animal care music, and outdoor learning.

Classrooms and learning spaces are of a high standard, offering an environ­ment that stimulates, motivates and facilitates good quality teaching and learning. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, and good-quality ICT resources are available throughout the school along with age-appropriate web access and filtered wifi.

The school is equipped with a fitness suite, sports hall; and a multimedia suite. Our young people produce several short films each year and enjoy a range of individual and team sports such as badminton, gymnastics, and football.

Our education team work with our young people and others to arrange regular curricular trips to, for example, Bannockburn, Edinburgh, Stirling and local colleges. These outings support many areas of the curriculum, including History, Geography and Employability.

All of our young people take part in initial and regular Boxall Profile, literacy and numeracy assessments; and dyslexia traits screening.

Hillside School fully supports the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) national priority. Our dedicated DYW teacher liaises with young people, their families and key staff, to work towards a goal for moving-on from Hillside into training, further education and/or employment. Our Skills Development Scotland advisors provide up-to date information and timely support through one-to-one sessions with our young people. All young people access at least five days of work placement while at Hillside, which leads to an additional SQA qualification. Regular visits take place to local businesses and colleges.

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