The school accepts direct referral from all local authorities throughout the country and has an excellent reputation for meeting the diverse needs of our children and young people in a cost effective manner. We continue to maintain dialogue with our colleagues in the local authority sector to ensure our services are designed to address their individual placement requirements.

Our referral process ensures that we undertake a sound assessment of need and plan our interventions in collaboration with the child, their parents and carers and all relevant partner agencies. This approach ensures that a clear outcomes based plan is in place to support and meet the individual needs of each child or young person.

Enquiries about referrals should be addressed to Head of Care, Mike Greenshields or Head of Education, David Noble on 01383 860731

Referral forms are available by emailing;

Covid19 update

During this unprecedented crisis we remain open supporting young people with additional support needs and their families. We are still considering referrals and currently have a vacancy.